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Effective August 12, 2017


          It is the responsibility of each owner, resident, or the occupant to provide their cooperation in the support of the following rules and regulations to assure the convenience and protection for others that is required for all residents to live in harmony. Amendments may be made by the Board of Directors from time to time and shall be ratified by the majority of the owners.   THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THESE RULES AND REGULATIONS.


1.    Each unit owner and/or their agent shall have full knowledge of the documents referred to as, “AMENDMENT TO AND RESTATEMENT OF THE BY-LAWS OF THE GOLDEN ARMS, INC. “and the “AMENDMENT AND RESTATEMENT OF DECLARATION OF CONDOMINIUMS RESTRICTIONS, RESERVATIONS, COVENANTS, CONDITIONS, AND EASEMENTS OF THE GOLDEN ARMS, A CONDOMINIUM.” These documents dated the 2nd day of August, 1986 shall be a part of these rules and regulations.

2.    Owners may rent their units on short or long term basis, for no less than 7 nights, however owners and /or their agents shall be responsible for advising their renters for full compliance of these rules and regulations. Owners, property manager, board of directors or the owners’ agent shall be responsible for eviction of renters for noncompliance of the Golden Arms Rules and Regulations.

3.     Owners wishing to rent their units may act as their own agent employ the resident agent of the Golden Arms, or another agent of their choice. All owners and/or their agents will supervise the rental of their units. For security purposes, owners and/or their agent must furnish the property manager with the names of the guests staying in their unit and dates of arrival and departure at least one week prior to arrival.

4.    Owners who lease their units are prohibited from allowing relatives or friends from using the common facilities while unit is occupied by renters or guests.


5.    All owners, guests and renters should be aware that surveillance cameras are in use throughout the property.

6.    No owner, guest, or renter shall make or permit any noises that will disturb or annoy the occupants of any other unit in the building or permit anything to be done that will interfere with the rights, comfort, or convenience of the other owners, guests, or renters. This shall apply within each unit and in the common areas.

A.      Unit Renovations are restricted to 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday thru Friday if such renovation is audible to other units.



7.    All owners, guests, and renters shall maintain their unit, the unit balconies, and the adjoining common areas in an orderly and clean fashion.

8.    All owners shall have keys to their respective units on deposit with the Golden Arms Manager to be used for emergency purposes.

9.    Contractors, workmen, delivery persons, etc., shall not be allowed entrance to any unit without the permission of the owner.

10. All Flooring 2nd floor and above must have a minimum sound insulation rating of STC 70 and IIC 70

11. Parents shall be held responsible for their children’s actions. Any damage to individual units or the common area structures or facilities shall be paid for by the owner together with reasonable attorney’s fees should proceedings be necessary for collection. In the event expenses for damages are not collectible from the guest or the renter, the owner shall assume the responsibility for all expenses incurred.

12. Entrance, lobbies, walkways, and the stairways shall not be obstructed in any way. Front walkways may have 2 non-metal chairs not to exceed 23 inches wide, and 25 inches deep, one non-metal table no larger than 18 inches in diameter and one (1) potted plant, limited to an 8 inch clay pot with proper water saucer under it to avoid water draining onto the floor. Any other chairs and tables must meet board and management approval. All other items MUST be taken in when not in use. This includes cups, shoes, towels, grills etc. If left out they will be discarded by management. Any damage to the floors due to the neglect of the owner, guest or renter will be billed to the owner of the unit for repairs.

13. Children shall not be allowed to play or run in the walkways, stairways, lobbies, or the elevators. They must not temper with or play with emergency telephones in the elevators.

14. The cleaning of fish, fowl, or other game within the common area is prohibited.

15. The hanging of towels, garments, etc., and the shaking of rugs and rags from the balconies or walkways is prohibited.

16. The parking of vehicles occupying more than one parking space is prohibited. Owners and guests are encouraged to use their garage but if parking on the grounds then the appropriate parking pass/sticker is required. Any vehicle failing to comply with the above will be TOWED at the owner’s expense.

17. No vehicle shall be parked in such a manner as to impede or prevent ready access or passage to another unit’s garage, the condominium entryway, the driveways, or in a non-designated parking space. These vehicles will be TOWED at the owner’s expense without notice.

18. All garage doors shall be left in the closed position when unattended.

19. No solicitations for goods, services, or contributions are allowed.

20. No pets are allowed on the premises or in the units at any time.

21. Trash and garbage shall be packaged in plastic bags before being deposited in the garbage chutes located on each floor. Bottles, boxes, and folded cardboard shall be carried down to the dumpsters on the ground level located under the garbage chutes. Recycled glass, plastic and cans shall be appropriately discarded in the recycling bins located next to the trash dumpsters. If bins are full then items should be placed in the dumpster and not on the ground next to the recycling bin.

22. Owners, guests and renters shall assist in maintaining the common areas by disposing of their trash in the designated garbage disposal bins.

23. Motorcycles,bicycles, surf boards and the like, shall be kept in the garages at all times. Surf Boards are NOT ALLOWED in the elevators.

24. Activities such as, roller skating, skate boarding, and firing of projectiles are prohibited throughout the common areas and parking lot.

25. An adult must accompany children under twelve years of age when using the shuffleboard courts.

26. All guests or renters shall register with the manager upon their arrival, or as soon as possible thereafter if the office is closed to receive a parking pass.

27. Electric BBQ Grills are allowed on balconies and walkways. Propane and   Charcoal grills are strictly prohibited.

28. No more than 6 overnight guests are allowed in a unit at any time.

A.    Renters – No more than 6 adults/children in unit or common areas at any time.

B.     Owners – Guests of owners may not exceed 6 guests without owner present. Exceptions at Management Approval.

Owners or Renters wanting to have a party or event must check with Management to register.

29. No Smoking allowed on Walkways or in Building Common Areas. No Smoking within 20 Feet of Building Entrances.

30. No items may be placed on garage roofs at any time.



31. Owners, guest, and renters shall observe the following pool area rules and regulations:

A.    All persons using the swimming pool shall do so at their own risk.

B.     Shower off the sand and the suntan oil before entering the pool.

C.     Wear proper swim attire. (No cutoffs).

D.    No running, horseplay, games, skateboards, or skating in the pool area.

E.     No food is allowed in pool at any time.

F.      No Glass of any kind is allowed in pool area.

G.    No rafts or other flotation devices allowed in the pool with the exception of safety equipment, noodles or infant floats.

H.    Do not enter pool with any skin infections.

I.        Children, under twelve years of age, shall be accompanied by an adult, age 18 or older. Children that are not potty-trained must wear secure fitting plastic bottoms/swimmies.

J.       No swimming permitted after 11:00pm. All City Noise Ordinance Must Be Adhered to.

K.    All beach & pool towels must be removed daily. If left they may be discarded by management.

L.     Towels do not save chairs, tables and chaise lounges for later use at pool. Towels found in the early morning without any owner/guest in the area can be removed by management.

M.   Umbrellas should be closed when leaving a table at all times.


N.    Do not remove pool furniture from pool area.

O.    Absolutely NO swimming when lightning is in the area.

P.      No DIVING of any kind is permitted.


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